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The House

The three floor building is characteristic of the domestic architecture of the 19th century Porto, having now been lovingly restored and decorated.

This intervention allows us, now with the work completed, to experience the charm of the best the past gave us, while at the same time having all the advantages of contemporaneity; a fine example of this coexistence is the set of sink in the bathrooms.


We can therefore, in good measure, feel the city’s traditions and the way of life of the people who dwell in it.


That aside, decoration also used some original objects of symbolic value, as is the case of a piece that was in the old (and now demolished) monastery of São Bento de Ave-Maria, formerly in the place where today is the S. Bento Station.


Another curiosity is that this house was the scene in a well known telenovela, whose framing is done primarily in the city of Porto and the Douro region.

This telenovela won the gold medal in the 2016 “International Television and Film Awards” in New York.